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Despite the technical problems surrounding the Rainbow Six Siege as soon as it was released on the market by the end of 2015, Ubisoft was able to overcome this and support the game for 3 years with additional features that are periodical...
Published Nov 7, 2018
Given the success of GTA V on the PC from 2014 to the present, Rockstar plans to implement the same strategy with the game of the West Red Dead Redemption 2, which is expected to be available to the computer at some time in the future af...
Published Oct 29, 2018
To succeed in the competition and return to the circle of lights Microsoft has decided to take bold steps, most notably the abandonment of most of the exclusive Xbox One and the version of the PC, but in contrast the game has been suppor...
Published Oct 26, 2018
Days Gone was supposed to be released exclusively for the PlayStation 4 this season, but Sony preferred to postpone the game until next February.Although this game seemed to many of us a game almost complete development due to the amount...
Published Oct 21, 2018
After a long wait and development process that lasted more than 7 years, the Red Dead Redemption 2, the first project dedicated to the current generation of Rockstar Games, is just a few days away. The launch of the official game was ann...
Published Oct 20, 2018