Battlefield 5

EA beat the Beatles Royal with Apex Legends, which had a spectacular success and surpassed 50 million players one month after the launch, and is still in the battle of the American publisher for the upcoming Battle Royal game, namely Firestorm developed for the game Battlefield 5, which has been leaked recently Whether on the level of information or propaganda.
The players' effort to search for hidden information in the game data resulted in the release of new details posted through Reddit, which showed that the Patel Royal will not only play with teams of 4 people but will also offer individual and team matches, as well as 4 levels of equipment, All over the map can grab their contents.
The Firestorm development provides one map to be set in Norway, as well as players can find backpacks to carry more tools, plus the presence of various vehicles such as helicopters, sports cars, vans, and tractors.

The video conduit confirmed the same details above, in addition to a separate Rank system for the Patel Royale and the ability to call reinforcements such as getting a truck or using heavy artillery strikes.