Rainbow Six Siege

The Six Invitational event was held in Montreal, where it hosted the finals of the Spring Six Siege and a review of the future of the game and the upcoming additions throughout 2019. Although there are many changes in almost all elements, the addition of the Batel Royale phase is not part of the development team's interests.
The Gamereactor website interviewed Alexandre Remy, who explained that the Batel Royale will not be available at Rainbow Six Siege because it does not fit the tactical nature of the game. The title is based on the use of rules and methods that are not compatible with the Battle Royale games.
The director explained that Siege is influenced by cooperative play with the rest of the team, continuous communication and the importance of destruction and the character of the characters that have been stabilized, which makes it a game of correction unique and different from any other address and developers do not want to risk all these successes in order to follow the current fashion and address the rivalries .