Apex Legends

After the amazing start of Apex Legends, Respawn Studio realizes that the main reason for completing this success is to continuously support the title and work on new additions continuously, and all the reports, leaks and rumors indicate that there is a huge content coming to the game on the way.

The report of gamingintel explained the players' discovery of new files for three types of hand grenades to be added to the game soon. The title has a current set of bombs that perform specific functions, but their effect is limited and their results are very disappointing. This is perhaps the main reason for working on new types of Those explosives.
The leaks indicated the intention of the development team to provide smoke bombs used to defend an area or to escape from an enemy-controlled location. The second type would be Ticks bombs that could be described as unmanned aircraft targeting nearby targets and explode as soon as they entered their space.
The third and final addition is the Orbital Strike, which is described as firing a lot of rockets from the sky and targeting a specific area, which means that it is closer to the defensive bombardment of the personality of Gibraltar.