The system was expected to be added to real money for Battlefield V. Previously, EA explained how the system worked before setting the official launch date recently, so players could use real money to get a range of accessories that would not affect the gameplay in any way Of the forms and will not give preference to those who pay more.
Reports from the Reddit forums show that the procurement system is officially available on January 18, 2019 according to a leaked image of one of the cards that can be bought for real money to be used within the game. As the picture is informal, the appointment may be changed or postponed longer if EA Needless to say, though, the whole system of accessories and plastic parts is nothing more.
Battlefield V has two types of virtual currency can be obtained through the participation of the stages of group play only, and the second system depends on purchases for real money, according to comments Studio DICE will not give preference to those who pay more and will not affect this system the balance of the game and stability in any form Of the forms.

Battlefield V sales have seen a significant drop compared to previous segment sales, making EA lower its earnings forecast for next year.