[2018-11-06]Wind Bastion Kickoff

Despite the technical problems surrounding the Rainbow Six Siege as soon as it was released on the market by the end of 2015, Ubisoft was able to overcome this and support the game for 3 years with additional features that are periodically released and never-ending repairs, As one of the best group shooting games of this generation.

The Siege support plan is still in line with the French publishing company's announcement on its official blog, with Ubisoft planning to launch the fourth and final content for the upcoming third season of Operation Wind Bastion at the end of this month or the beginning of December. It will offer players for the first time customers from the Arab world by adding two Figures from the Moroccan Special Forces and a new map in the Atlas Mountains.
The characters include a dedicated defense agent and one of the attackers, both from the Royal Interdiction de la Gendarmerie Royale, describing the attack's client as an explorer and an expert in environmental processes, and very suitable for those who can not remain calm for a long time.
The defensive personality has been described as the leader, the inspiring and the strict person in his dealings with others, who is respected by all around him and took on the task of raising the banner of the Moroccan special forces. The offensive character is an explorer who travels while the wind is among the few who can cross the desert and climb the Alps, Rainforests in Asia, walking along the Arctic Circle, have sufficient experience to force their opponents to retreat.
Full details of Operation Wind Bastion will come on November 18 during the Professional League Finals.