[2018-11-06]Wind Bastion Kickoff

Despite the technical problems surrounding the Rainbow Six Siege as soon as it was released on the market by the end of 2015, Ubisoft was able to overcome this and support the game for 3 years with additional features that are periodically released and never-ending repairs, As one of the best group shooting games of this generation.

The Siege support plan is still in line with the French publishing company's announcement on its official blog, with Ubisoft planning to launch the fourth and final content for the upcoming third season of Operation Wind Bastion at the end of this month or the beginning of December. It will offer players for the first time customers from the Arab world by adding two Figures from the Moroccan Special Forces and a new map in the Atlas Mountains.
The characters include a dedicated defense agent and one of the attackers, both from the Royal Interdiction de la Gendarmerie Royale, describing the attack's client as an explorer and an expert in environmental processes, and very suitable for those who can not remain calm for a long time.
The defensive personality has been described as the leader, the inspiring and the strict person in his dealings with others, who is respected by all around him and took on the task of raising the banner of the Moroccan special forces. The offensive character is an explorer who travels while the wind is among the few who can cross the desert and climb the Alps, Rainforests in Asia, walking along the Arctic Circle, have sufficient experience to force their opponents to retreat.
Full details of Operation Wind Bastion will come on November 18 during the Professional League Finals.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Given the success of GTA V on the PC from 2014 to the present, Rockstar plans to implement the same strategy with the game of the West Red Dead Redemption 2, which is expected to be available to the computer at some time in the future after the availability of the Xbox One and Playstation 4 today Another evidence appears to confirm this.
The Wccftech report explained that the computer version may be confirmed after leakage of limited details around it through the application of the RDR 2 for smart phones, which includes settings such as Low and Ultra, which are rarely used on home appliances and many details that can be manually modified, not to mention the options and settings And all of this is in addition to the files associated with NVIDIA's exclusive TXA technology for the PC.
Given the success of Red Dead Redemption 2 and the lack of any official news on the computer version, some players are exaggerating the analysis and leaks, hoping to believe in the future, but it is preferable to treat that information as unconfirmed until proven otherwise.
On the other hand, the RDR 2 leaks have been extended to include a reference to the features of the gameplay phase, which will provide an Adversary style, just like GTA V, as well as other game phases against artificial intelligence characters. If this information is true, players will soon get Rockstar Editor The world of the game in the way preferred by each user.
Red Dead Redemption 2 is now available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. According to analysts, PlayStation 4 is expected to double the sales of the Xbox One.


Xbox Game Pass

To succeed in the competition and return to the circle of lights Microsoft has decided to take bold steps, most notably the abandonment of most of the exclusive Xbox One and the version of the PC, but in contrast the game has been supported by many wonderful services such as compatibility service for the last generation games and Xbox Game Pass She gained fame in a short period of time by owning more than 100 games available for the experiment for a limited monthly subscription.
During the meeting, which brought Microsoft's management to investors for the first quarter of fiscal year 2019, Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, talked about the Xbox One's current market position and its unique digital services, namely the Xbox Game Pass, which achieved a resounding success with constantly renewed content Including the company's first-party games available on launch day, which has expanded since the launch of the service in 2017. To make the most of this, the PC service is announced in the near future.
Microsoft CEO's remarks were very brief and did not include any clear details about the launch plan or the deadline for the release of the service, but it did not seem to take too long or a lot of effort as most of the Xbox One games on the PC are currently running very efficiently .
Xbox Game Pass currently has more than 100 games to try for a monthly subscription of $ 10, while Microsoft is expected to talk extensively about the arrival of the computer during the X018 conference.
Xbox Game Pass has been updated in early October and has provided a range of premium games, including Metro and Forza Horizon 4.


Days Gone

Days Gone was supposed to be released exclusively for the PlayStation 4 this season, but Sony preferred to postpone the game until next February.
Although this game seemed to many of us a game almost complete development due to the amount of performances that broadcast and sections of the method of play, but this seems not accurate, today announced Sony suddenly decided to postpone the launch of the game for two months more than scheduled on 22 February.

Where it will be released on April 26 of next year 2019, according to the developer, this delay came in order to get more time to be used in improving the quality of the game and finish some of the finishing touches.

This was the developer's justification, but the truth may be Sony's desire to launch it more timely. The month of February is packed with huge releases such as Metro Exodus, ANTHEM, etc. The company has the right to choose a date that is less crowded with big headlines.


Red Dead Redemption 2

After a long wait and development process that lasted more than 7 years, the Red Dead Redemption 2, the first project dedicated to the current generation of Rockstar Games, is just a few days away. The launch of the official game was announced a week ago Full version date.


The story of Red Dead Redemption 2 focuses on an outlaw gang led by Dutch van der Linde and is supported by Arthur Morgan. It seems that things were going well before the group was exposed to a situation that was not considered during one of the armed robberies. It turns things upside down.

The actor takes the role of Arthur Morgan, who is touring the American West in search of wealth, trying to secure a better life for gang members by taking care of their own interests and engaging with them constantly in various activities, including hunting, fishing, armed robberies, vigilance and group discussion.
Red Dead Redemption 2 is officially released on October 26, 2018 for the Xbox One and Playstation 4 while the game comes on two compact discs for the PlayStation 4 .